Several improvements have been made to the length measuring function to increase the measuring accuracy. For example, the measuring wheel arm now has a stronger design, which improves its service life and allows it to better withstand pressure from the measuring cylinder. Other improvements include the measuring wheel cylinder and reinforcements in the frame. These improvements allow the measuring wheel to better follow the contour of the stem, increasing measurement accuracy.

Another area of improvement is the saw unit, which has a more robust saw bar holder. This provides a smoother and more reliable operation. The saw unit has also been equipped with a protective plate that covers the saw bar holder and protects the chain when the saw bar is in the starting position.

Other new features include an optional hydraulic top knife, which is ideal for cutting crooked stems or thick and difficult-to-handle branches. The head has also been improved with reinforcements in the frame, stronger attachment of the head computer and the use of expander bolts for the feed wheel arms. All these improvements help to increase the reliability and lifespan of the head.