Komatsu XT430-5

This Changes Everything!

Komatsu XT430-5

The new XT430-5 sets high industry standards of excellence for Track Feller Bunchers and features: Gull-wing engine hood service access, Increased lift capacity, Cab relocated to the left side, New rugged undercarriage, KOMTRAX® telematics system, Powerful fuel-efficient engine, and so much more.


Gull-Wing Style Engine Hood

Gull-Wing Style Engine Hood

  • Gull-wing engine hood folds down providing an elevated service platform.
  • Hydraulically-actuated with backup manual hand pump.
  • Robust design provides a secure footing with 500 lbs (227 kg) load capacity.
  • Offers excellent visibility and access to all engine-related components.
  • Provides full access to engine oil filter, air filter, fuel filters, coolant, DEF fluid and hydraulic filters.

Relocated Operator's Cab

Relocated Operator's Cab - Increased Track Visibility

State-of-the-art cab relocated to the left side.

Tracks are now highly visible through the side door and boom side windows

- Larger door window has an “L-shaped” flat bottom

- Engine/pump compartment is set-back; top 2/3 portion is indented rearward

Rugged New Undercarriage

Rugged New Undercarriage

Rugged new Komatsu undercarriage provides longer service life due to:

- Heavier 8.5“ track chain links have a thicker bushing strap which is stronger at resisting "twist”

- Track rollers & idler bushings are made of high-density material

- Final drives use a new triple labyrinth seal to protect from mud-packing

- Additional set of steps has been added to each crawler box

75% Greater Lift Capacity

75% Greater Lift Capacity

Significantly increased lift capacity at full reach vs. XT-3 due to improved boom & arm geometry and larger cylinders.
Provides better balance between boom lift & arm holding capacity.
Broad line of Quadco high speed disc saws available.




XT430-5-Non-Leveling-Side- front -print-Dim web rev
Machine weight (no attachments)

66,359 lb (30,100 kg)

General information

Operating weight includes feller buncher boom, arm, 1/2 tank of fuel, rated capacity of lubricants, coolant, operator and standard equipment.


Peak Torque - 1070 lb-ft (1,451 Nm) @ 1400 rpm


Cummins QSL9 diesel engine


Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection


VGT Turbocharger, infinitely adjustable with electronic controls. High pressure fuel injection, in cylinder advanced combustion technology, cooled EGR.

No Of Cylinders

In-line, 6-cylinder


4.49" (114mm)


4.69" (135mm)

Piston displacement

543 in-cubed (9ltr)


Peak - 331 HP (247 kW) @ 1600 rpm / Rated 300 HP (224 kW) @ 2000 working rmp


Fan Drive Type - Hydraulic

Charge Pump

2x Gear, Max Flow - (95 liter/min) 25 GPM

Saw Pump

Variable displacement piston, Max Flow - 38 GMP (143 liter/min)

Implement pump

Variable displacement piston, Max Flow - 86 GMP (324 liter/min)

Swing motor

Fixed Displacement bent axis piston


Independent Radiator/CAC/Hydraulic oil coolers with thermostatically controlled fans

Track drive pump

2x Variable displacement piston, Max Flow - 44 GPM (167 liter/min)

Auxilery pump

Variable displacement piston, Max Flow - 53 GMP (200 liter/min)

Travel motor

Variable displacement piston

Drive method

Hydrostatic, independent closed loop

Max Tractive Effort

64,926 lb (29,450 kgf)

Max Travel Speed Hi

3.1 mph (5.0 km/h)

Max Travel Speed Lo

1.7 mph (2.7 km/h)

Parking brake


Steering control

Food Pedals

Service brake


Boom Reach to Pin

Maximum 21'7" (6,682 mm)/Minimum: 7'8" (2,328mm)

Cutting Swath

13'11" (4,354 mm)

General information

Feller buncher boom and arm, designed for 20-22" high speed disc saws

At ten feet

26,235 lb (11,900 kg)

At fifteen feet

17,857 lb (8,100 kg)

At twenty feet

10,803 lb (4,900 kg)

At Full reach

9,921 lb (4,500 kg)


24V, 100A


24V with master disconnect

Work lights

11 - LED

General information

IQAN-MD4 Digital Control System


7" (18 cm) LED color touch screen

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, which is either standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment.


Continuous Rotation


Heavy duty, 22-bolt single row bearing

Drive method


Swing speed

0 to 7.0 RPM

Swing torque

58,341 lb-ft, 79,100 Nm

Swing brake


Parking brake



HD boxed frame structure with flat bottom and storage trunk

Track frame

Box-section, bolted

Track type

Grease sealed

Track pitch

8.5" (216 mm)

No of shoe links

47 per side


9 per side

General information

Quadco 20-22" high speed disc saw. Check availability through your local dealer.


Track drive, closed loop. Track motors, 2 speed VDPP auto=shift with variable speed control. Track adjusters, hydraulic. Track chain, greased sealed Komatsu 8.5" pitch. Track shoes, 24" (600 mm) single grouser.

Guards and covers

Muffler with blanket, rubber debris skirt.

Engine and related items

Cummins QSL9, liter. Air cleaner, dry type with air intake pre=cleaner. Auto idle-shutdown system. Engine compartment service light. Engine interface monitoring system. Cooling: Engine - temperature- sensing auto-reversing fan. Hydraulic: oil cooler - temperature- sensing auto- reversing fan. Charge air cooler: temperature sensing auto-reversing fan.

Electrical system

Alternator: 100 ampere, 24V. Betteries: 2 x 12V, 950 AH, Electrical system master disconnect switch. Electrical joystick/foot pedal controls.


Attachment - 1x VDPP, 53 gpm (200 ltr/min), Implement - 1x VDPP, 86 gpm (324 ltr/min), Saw Drive - 1x VDPP, 38 gpm (143 ltr/min), Track Drive, 2x VDPP, 44 gpm (167 ltr/min) each, Charge, 1x Ger, 25 gpm, (95 ltr/min)


8'4" (2540 mm) gauge, 10'4" (3140 mm) overall width with storage trunk


Load sensing hydraulic system. Hydraulic tank oil refill pump, 24V. Hydraulic tank vacuum pump. Hydraulic oil cooler, temperature auto reversing fan.

Operator environment

ROPS/OPS/FOPS/TOPS/FOG/WCB/Oregon OSHA Certified Forestry Cab. Automatic air conditioner. Heater & defroster with pressurization and 6 adjustable vents. 12V power outlets (2). Adjustable cellphone holder. Coat hook, magnetic and movable base. Cup holder, fold down/up. Literature box with cover. Lockable door. Insulated drink bottle & lunch box cooler. Ventilation fan.

Other standard equipment

Continuous Rotation. Emergency escapes, 3 (front window, side door and roof hatch). Fire extinguisher, 10 lb. hand held. Fire suppression system, automatic liquid chemical.


Feller buncher 13'0" (3960 mm) straight with tree deflector


Feller buncher 14'10" (4,530 mm)


Heater, fuel-fired jacket water and hydraulic oil pre-heater

Track shoe

28" (700mm) single grouser. 28" (700 mm) double grouser.

Other optional equipment

Carrier Rollers. Pump drive oil cooler. Side view monitoring system (1 camera). Uptime spare parts kits: Base machine, Engine filters.