Komatsu Used Premium

A safer way to choose a used machine

With the Komatsu Used Premium and Used Premium Plus seals of approval, we offer you peace of mind knowing exactly what you are buying. Carefully chosen machines inspected by specialists and, for additional peace of mind, accompanied by a certificate that shows all the points of the inspection routine.

How does Komatsu Used Premium work?


Thorough inspection

When Komatsu Forest acquires a used machine, it is thoroughly inspected. Specially trained personnel analyse the machine according to a standardised inspection routine that is developed by our most experienced machine specialists. This results in a detailed inspection offering the next owner peace of mind.
Komatsu Used Premium Machine

Only the best machines are chosen

The machine is assigned a classification based on the results of the inspection. Only the best Komatsu machines are chosen to receive the Komatsu Used Premium seal of approval. The aim is for the machine to continue delivering high productivity for many years to come.

To receive the Komatsu Used Premium Plus seal of approval, the machine must also have been covered by a ProAct 2.0 agreement, regularly inspected and serviced by Komatsu specialists using only original spare parts and consumables.
Komatsu Used premium

A fresh start

Before the machine is resold, all systems are completely reset to ensure that none of the previous owner's data remain. Moreover, our technicians ensure that all software is updated to the most recent compatible versions. The machine is given a fresh start, quite simply.
Komatsu Used premium

What do you get when you buy Komatsu Used Premium?

• A machine that meets the regulations and standards which were valid when that yearmodel was launched
• A machine prepared by specially trained personnel
• A machine for which only Komatsu Original spare parts and consumables have been used when getting the machine ready for sale
• Operator training and fine-tuning of the machine
• A 3-month warranty on selected transmission components
• A 50% discount on any spare parts individually priced at more than €500 during the first 3 months
• The option to sign a MaxiFleet agreement
• The option to sign a ProAct 2.0 agreement

Help is always near

When purchasing a Komatsu Used Premium or Used Premium Plus machine, you gain access to a dependable network of knowledge, service and support. Help from qualified Komatsu personnel is always available via our service providers.
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Find your Komatsu Used Premium machine

To find the right machine for you, simply search our listings of used quality machines from across Europe in the link below. If you can't find the right machine for you, please feel free to contact your sales rep for further assistance. Together, we make the purchase of a Komatsu Used Premium or Used Premium Plus machine a safe and successful deal.