Options Forwarders

For an even more profitable and comfortable working day

A standard equipped Komatsu forwarder delivers high productivity. In order to further increase the productivity a number of options can be added to the machine. Below is a selection of our most popular productivity-enhancing options.

Comfort Ride 2021

Komatsu Comfort Ride

A forwarder operator spends many hours a day in the cab, making a pleasant and comfortable work environment extremely important. Komatsu Comfort Ride efficiently dampens jolts and vibrations, ensuring an ergonomic work environment. This in turn contributes to higher productivity and better profitability.

The new generation of Komatsu Comfort Ride comes with comfort-enhancing features like adjustable sideways firmness and automatic side levelling at standstill and at low speed. The elevated unloading mode now also works at low speed, to make it smoother to reposition the forwarder at the landing. Great news for all forwarder operators!
Komatsu Smart Crane

Smart Crane

Lets the crane become an extension of your own arm

Since such a large share of a forwarder operator's working day involves crane operation, increased efficiency offers great potential. Smart Crane provides the operator with advantages such as simpler crane operation, less physical strain and higher productivity. Advantages that benefit both profitability and the operator's wellbeing. Everything to make it as easy as possible for the operator to focus on what is truly important – moving timber to the roadside.


Boost your profitability

SpeedShift is a smart gearbox solution with dual hydrostatic motors, with the forwarder automatically changing up a gear as the operator increases speed. This enables the machine to accelerate continuously within the full speed range without any additional operator intervention. In this way, the engine can work at optimal engine speed most of the time, which saves fuel and provides a quiet and more comfortable work environment. The automatic gear changes enable increased transport speed where ground conditions allow. This can include, for example, relatively flat access roads in otherwise hilly terrain that can be covered at faster speed. The longer the forwarding roads, the greater the benefit offered by SpeedShift.


Crane control with surefire benefits

A forwarder operator wants the crane to feel like an extension of their own arm, with smooth, flowing movements and good crane speed. With SmartFlow that feeling can be achieved.

The crane valve constantly monitors the pressure and flow delivered to the crane, ensuring the right levels at all times to provide impressive crane control. Such good handling means less tiring work shifts, better productivity and, as a result, better profitability.

One of the functions offered by SmartFlow is Active Crane Damping. This function dampens the pressure spikes and dips that can arise in the hydraulics when the operator accelerates or brakes crane movements, making for a more pleasant work environment in the cab. Precision at long reaches is also improved, providing advantages when, for instance, the operator is gathering timber. The crane damping function quite simply makes it possible to speed the forwarding process while retaining the same degree of control, thereby increasing productivity.

SmartFlow also reduces pressure losses in the valve, with a direct and positive impact on fuel economy. We have seen fuel savings as high as four percent during a normal forwarding cycle with both loading/unloading and off-road transport.

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Bogie lift

Agility in slopes

Bogie lift can be added as option on our models 835, 845 and 855. This function on the front wheels is used for road transport without taking chains of, or to descend on roads from slopes. It also makes it easier to make sharp turns on strip roads. Bogie lift can be offered in two versions, the standard version which mean both sides run simultaneosly or the advanced version, where each side can be run independently.

Load space

Maximised flexibility and productivity

Our fowarders's load space are characterised by their flexibility and many options. One is FlexGate, the gate that improves visibility and flexes if struck by the crane. This simplifies loading and minimises the risk of machine damage. Another is FlexBunk, with hydraulically stakes and crane operated bunk wideners which provides high load capacity. LoadFlex optimises the forwarder’s load capacity and increases sorting flexibility. The low and wide profile of the LoadFlex bunk also improves speed of loading and unloading.

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Extendable bunk

Extend your load space

The extendable bunk option is suitable if you want an agile mid-range machine but occasionally need to carry a longer assortment. The extendable bunk gives you the flexibility to easily extend your load space when needed, and then quickly return to your normal load space. The position of the bunk is easily adjusted from inside the cab using the crane.

The extendable bunk is available for the Komatsu 845 and Komatsu 855.
Crane tilt

Crane tilt

In steep terrain

Simply put, we can say that the crane tilt function enables the slewing motor to rotate the crane, which it is actually designed to do, rather than to lift it. This enables the grapple to hold more and makes it easier to get at the timber. The crane tilt function enables the crane pillar to be tilted backward, at a longitudinal tilt angle of 5° to 15° (22° in parking position). This provides a substantial advantage, especially when operating in steep terrain, as the crane slewing motor gains considerably more power. This has several benefits. For one, the tilt function is integrated in the slew housing which allows a short total height of the assembly. Another advantage is that when thinning, it's easier to reach timber stacked behind a tree. As you do not need to move the machine as much to get at the timber, you can save a great deal of time otherwise spent repositioning.
Working light

Working light

Better than daylight

To have really great visibility when working is of course very important. Not only to be able to perform the demanding tasks in the best way, but also to be able to work longer shifts without getting tired. To further enhance the machine lighting, it can be equipped with LED lights. With LED you’ll get rapid and strong lighting with low energy consumption and it is also considered highly reliable, which means LED headlights have a very long service life. You can also further improve the machine lighting by adding extra LED headlights on the cab, crane and the rear frame.
Cab options

Cab options

Optimise the workplace

The operator spends a lot of hours in the cab and a sustainable operator environment is important for making every day productive. We can offer a wide range of extra equipment to make the working place, the cab, even more comfortably and well functioning. Examples are: KCC Advanced hand controls with 5 extra programmable buttons. Blinds on all windows and/or sun blinds, front. - Radio with Bluetooth and hands-free support. Air-ventilated seat. Lunch box heater. Cooler box. Side wipers. Allergy filter 3 μ (mu). Extra floor mat for easier cleaning. Seat column that enables 220° working range and freely selectable locking position. Interior ceiling and floor lighting, and reading lamp on flexible arm. Remote key control (Europe). MediaZone. Internet modem. Extra screen, forward. Touch screen. Navigation system.


Harvester with winch

Traction Aid Winch

Work productively, even in steep terrain

When harvesting and forwarding in steep terrain, a winch is a good complement for being able to get the job done efficiently. The Komatsu Traction Aid Winch is a high-quality system based on more than 20 years’ experience of winch use in the alpine regions of Europe. It's available as an option on the Komatsu 875 and the Komatsu 931XC for select markets.

The Komatsu Traction Aid Winch has a smart design that helps to simplify your working day, and thanks to its compact dimensions, it affects neither manoeuvrability nor visibility. The design is based on the well-proven capstan principle, which offers advantages such as even traction and less strain and wear on the cable.

The system has now been supplemented with anchor point monitoring to fulfil the new ISO standard for auxiliary winches on forestry machines. 

Leave nothing to chance

Smart Forestry gives you access to a collection of digital services that help make the workplace safe, smart, productive and sustainable - whether you have one or a hundred forest machines. You can keep track of your machines, collaborate with colleagues, and make wise decisions based on facts.

Smart Forestry consists of three different applications, making it easy for you to find the one that suits you and your business.