Komatsu C164

The perfect match for rough trees

Komatsu C164

The C164 is designed to simplify the working day for harvester operators working in rough forests. Every detail has been designed with large trees, big root flares and rough limbs in mind. Despite being the largest head in the popular range of C heads the clever design makes it smooth and easy to handle on the machine. It’s a perfect match for Komatsu 951.


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Designed for harvesting rough trees

The C164 is specially designed to handle large trees. The extended position of the saw bar reduces the load on the frame and tilt link and decreases the risk of felling the tree over the nose sprocket of the saw bar.

The rotator for the C164 is a further development of the standard rotator for C model of heads, that has a stronger and more robust design.

The Komatsu C164 has a completely new tilt lock function that makes it possible to lock the head at just the right angle. This facilitates harvesting difficult branches or tree forks and has been a widely requested feature.

Energy efficient feeding

The C164 is a “carry style” head, where the stem is carried by the feed wheels and the delimbing knives are mainly used for delimbing the stem. This design is very energy efficient, making it good for productivity.

The feed system is designed with four driven feed wheels, which is a well-proven and reliable concept. The C164 has a wide application range thanks to the option of two different feed roller motors.

Upgraded cutting unit, Constant Cut

Constant Cut, our intelligent saw motor control, ensures that the head has a constant and efficient saw motor speed throughout the complete cutting cycle. This, in turn, ensures efficient cutting and limits problems with cutting cracks.

The Constant Cut cutting unit is upgraded for the Komatsu C164, featuring several improvements for increased reliability.

Available with 90/97 cm saw bar.

Options that help boosting productivity

The Find End function makes it possible to reset length without needing to make a first cut and lump a part of the log.

Integrated work lights make it easier for the operator to position the head against the tree and to classify the stems.

HD tilt link option for mounting on tracked machines, available with and without continuous rotating.

There are also other options available for the C164 head, such as colour marking and stump treatment.


Servicing the head is made safe and easy with centralised lubrication points. This means that all service points, including colour marking and chain grease/lubrication, can be reached without repositioning the head from the service position.

The chain has an auto-release function to minimize unplanned downtime when changing chains. The auto-release function also means that you don’t need any tools to change the chain.




C164 drawing
Width, max

1 905 mm (75")

Height incl. rotator

1 848 mm (72.8")

Height to top knife

1 690 mm (66.5")

Roller opening, max

850 mm (33.5")

Max recommended tree size

640 mm (25.2")

Max possible tree size

750 mm (29.5")

Opening front knives

750 mm (29.5")

Opening rear knives

950 mm (37.4")


Dry weight, incl rotator, from 1 672,5 kg (3687 lbs)

Feed speed

0-5 m/s (0-16.4 ft/s)

Gross feed force

934 cc: 35,4 kN, 780 cc: 29,6 kN

Feed wheel type

Finger feed rollers

Delimbing knives, number


Delimbing dia., tip-to-tip

620 mm (24.4")

Saw bar

90 cm (35.4") / 97 cm (38.2")

Saw motor

19 cm³/rev (1.16 cu in/rev)

Fell/Cut diam. theor. max

Saw bar dependent 830 mm (32.7") with 97 cm saw bar

Max hydraulic flow

380 l/min

Max hydraulic pressure

280 bar/28 MPa (4,061 psi)

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, not that which is standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.