Komatsu S162E

Harvester head optimised for harvesting Eucalyptus

Komatsu S162E

Komatsu S162E is a productive harvester head specially developed for fast and efficient felling in Eucalyptus stands. It has a robust design based on well-known components, which gives the head an appreciated combination of reliability, productivity and profitability.


Knives optimised for Eucalyptus

S162E has four hydraulically movable delimbing knives and a fixed top knife. There is also a fixed delimbing knife in the rear part of the head that is optimised for eucalyptus trees with a diameter of between 20-26 cm. The delimbing knives have a compound curve shape, that follows the tree's natural shape and increases the quality of the debarking.

Diameter measuring

Diameter measuring is included as standard with a sensor located in the feed roller arm pivot.

Angled feed roller arms

The head has angled feed roller arms to optimise the debarking process. The frame also has a support roller in the belly to minimise friction.

ORFS couplings for the environment

To reduce the environmental impact caused by oil leakage, the head is equipped with ORFS couplings.




S162E Drawing
Width, max

1 704 mm

Height incl. rotator

2 280 mm

Height to top knife

1 803 mm

Roller opening, max

563 mm

Opening front knives

632 mm

Opening rear knives

624 mm


Dry weight, incl rotator, from 1 735 kg

Feed speed

0-5.9 m/s

Gross feed force

20.8 kN

Feed wheel type


Delimbing knives, number


Delimbing dia., tip-to-tip

Front knives: 43-200 mm, Rear knives: 53-260 mm

Saw bar

75 cm

Saw motor

19 cm3/rev

Fell/Cut diam. theor. max

615 mm

Max hydraulic flow

330 l/min

Max hydraulic pressure

28 MPa

General information

Standard and extra equipment are market-dependent and vary between countries. The specification describes possible equipment, not that which is standard or optional. Stated weights are based on standard equipment. Specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.