According to the fire service, early intervention is the most important protection against forest fires. With the Multibox, foam extinguishers are close at hand and the chances of quickly extinguishing a fire are greatly increased.

Komatsu’s flexible Multibox is easily transported by a forwarder and can hold ten 9-litre foam fire extinguishers. When wildfire season has passed, the box can be easily emptied and used to store tools, chains, tracks and other items that are handy to have close at hand in the forest.

Komatsu forest machines are equipped with fire extinguishers, but these are powder extinguishers that are adapted to when the machine catches fire. In the case of wildfires, foam is more effective, as it floats and thus covers a large area.

The Multibox is loaded onto the forwarder's load area using the grapple and the flexible bottom section of the box allows it to fit any forwarder configuration.